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On Friday, October 16, we were a guest in the radio broadcast of Omroep Brabant for an hour. This hour was all about “Heart for the events” and that heart certainly beats at 1931!

First of all, our sales manager Barbara Loosveld has the floor and provides more information about our location, the working method and possibilities. Don’t miss that!

All employees at our location were also allowed to pass on a number of numbers that they feel good about. A good memory, a song that relates to this time or that makes us happy despite the current situation.

An hour of radio is not completely without news and therefore some news items from us of course! Curious? Always keep an eye on this page, of course, but for now we indicate it below:

  • 1931 Congress Center celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! To be precise on Thursday, November 26. We have already had wonderful successful years with wonderful events and we are convinced that we can continue this in the coming years.
  • On Tuesday, October 6, we received Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge for a live TV broadcast of “Time for MAX”. The prime minister and minister talked to people from Brabant about their experiences with corona and how this has affected their lives.
  • Theater aan de Parade – the theater in Den Bosch – Brabanthallen and Cultuurstad have entered into a partnership to program theater performances at MAINSTAGE. During the renovation of Theater aan de Parade, MAINSTAGE (part of Brabanthallen) serves as the location for the theater performances. Given that the current theater locations in the ‘s-Hertogenbosch region have too little capacity due to the 1.5m distance, 1931 is also used for theatrical performances of Cultuurstad.
  • We were also allowed to speak to a person who was “special” for us and have chosen Theo van der Steen. Theo has been closely involved with 1931 since the period of the Cattle Market, before 2001. He was director of the Cattle Market and has witnessed the outbreak of Foot-and-mouth disease. As a result, the cattle market had to close its doors and Theo has literally seen off the last cow. Subsequently, Theo was jointly responsible for the development from 1931 into a conference center and is still active in various areas until 1931 to this day.

It was nice to bring our location, which we are of course very proud of, to the attention as a team! We thank Omroep Brabant for this opportunity and are happy that they want to support us and put us in the spotlight!

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